Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gestalt Therapy A Guide to Contemporary Practice


Ο συνδεσμος οδηγει στο βιβλιο στα Αγγλικα: 

Philip Brownell completed a doctoral program in clinical psychology from George Fox University in which he was trained as a scientist-practitioner. Following completion of his Psy D, he completed six years of post-graduate level training in Gestalt Therapy through the Portland Gestalt Therapy Training Institute and worked as a Mental Health Therapist for four years on the Intensive Care Unit of a dual-diagnosis psychiatric facility. Dr. Brownell is the Editor of the Handbook for Theory, Research, and Practice in Gestalt Therapy, which is being translated into several languages. He has facilitated the gestalt-focused discussion group, Gstalt-L, for thirteen years, is co-chair of the AAGT’s Research Task Force, and is actively engaged in supporting research focused on gestalt therapy. He is a licensed clinical psychologist, gestalt therapist, organizational consultant, and coach.

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