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The neonazis of Golden Dawn bring back to the forefront the extermination of the mental patients and the physically handicapped. Like genuine descendants and perpetuators of Hitler and his policies of extermination and genocide, they put forward through their ostensibly “ecologic” site, a 1985 text of a French “professor” under the title “Democracy condemns innocent beings to lifelong torture”. 

This is, in reality, a complete program for the extermination of the mental patients with exactly the same reasoning, as well as the “altruistic” cover-up, of the then German psychiatrists (“so that the unfortunate people will not suffer”), who were the conceptual fathers (Hoche andBinding, etc) and the practitioners of the extermination of hundreds of thousands (according to estimates, probably more than 250,000) of inpatients in psychiatric hospitals of Germany.

We read in a characteristic poster of 1938:

“60,000 reichsmarks is the cost to the community, during his life time, of the person who suffers from hereditary deficiency. Dear fellow-citizen, these are also your money. Read “A New People:, the monthly periodical of the “Office for racial policy” of NSDAP.”
It is evident that the turn of the psychiatric patients and the handicapped came after the pogrom and the assassination attempts against the immigrants, and in parallel with them, as it is apparent that the racist use of the epithet “Greek” is not enough, anymore, without further qualifications, as “Greek” is defined as “the healthy Greek”, the carrier of “Aryan” health according to the imaginative models of ancient Greek make up and the pathologic fixation on the ancestors which is based on it.

The psychiatry of the establishment, although not the same as Nazism, contains however certain basic tenants of its reasoning and practices, which under certain economic and social circumstances (like the circumstances of today) are capable, as has been shown in the past, to change into a tool of extermination under a myriad of excuses. The culture of the psychiatry of the establishment in Greece, stuck on the traditional stereotypes of “mental illness” of the textbooks and the different “schools”, in conjunction with the economic crisis and the deterioration of the services of mental health, through which it is functioning, does not preclude the reappearance of similar events in the near future, under various excuses and alibis, and, probably, under initially different, more “covert” guises. The reasoning for such a reappearance is already functioning as its helper and vehicle.

We want to remind the reader that there is now in Dafni (Psychiatric Hospital of Attica) a psychiatrist director (K. Paraschakis), who was a candidate of Golden Dawn, while in Dromokaiteio there are others (for now a few) who express similar views. We all know that “the egg of the snake” is also incubated in Dromokaiteio, and under a similar position of authority, and we simply underestimate it as “picturesque”… Something similar was happening two years ago with Golden Dawn, which many considered to be simply picturesque and without potential for power, while in reality and under the current socioeconomic conditions it was and remains dangerous. The history of the ascend of Fascism and Nazism must be a lesson to us before it is tool late.

“A whole family of healthy Germans can live with the same 5.5 marks which is the cost of the care of a single patient for the same time period”.
Regarding the unacceptable behaviours of carriers of analogous views, who “bravely” express them at even the Emergency Departments, they should from now on be regulated, rejected immediately and even be the subject of legal suites by everybody and by any position. It is unacceptable that public servants, who are supposed to have taken an oath, express similar views and consider that Dromocaiteio “provides a forum” for these statements. History has taught us that the tolerance that is often exhibited by official centers of Authority for similar views, stances and behaviours is never a matter of chance. The Fascist and Nazi viewpoints are known to act as crutches and provide ideological and pseudoscientific support and “legality” to policies of extermination and implementation of conditions of withdrawal of basic provisions and social rights, like the policies which are implemented gradually in this period (with an effort to introduce then without noise) and which will be escalated and will obtain extreme dimensions in the immediately future years.


From the “Opposing Torrent” of Dromokaitio

Press here to read the text (in Greek) from the “ecologic” page of Golden Dawn which praises and advertizes sterilization and euthanasia: 

Read here the english translation of the above referred text of J. Bauge-Prevost:
“Democracy condemns innocent beings to torture”
Article of professor Dr J. Bauge-Prevost (N.M.D.), member of the Institute of Psychosomatic, Biological and Racial Sciences, published in 1985 in a French scientific journal. It addresses problems of human deterioration and proposes concrete measures of Biopolitics. 


Every day and in every corner of the Earth and in every socioeconomic stroma arrive in life beings that are unfit and unable for the struggle of survival, and are destined to suffer with no hope of salvation. The result of this event is the existence of individuals that are forced by circumstances to have a negative life, who at the same time are a very heavy emotional and economic load for their family and for society. Most of these individuals are products of hereditary conditions. Every year these victims of superficiality of parents and society are increasing in number, thanks to the official medical science, which because it is guided by a group of maniacs and hypochondriacs, protects every deficient being, which under any other circumstances would be condemned to death by Nature.

Therefore, it is not peculiar the fact that nothing or almost nothing has been done by the so-called “democratic” states to prevent this medieval criminal act of society, which condemns to lifelong torture innocent beings, while on the other hand huge efforts are exerted for the genetic improvement, and consequently the qualitative improvement of grains, beef, dogs, horses and other species in the plant and animal kingdoms. In reality, “democracies” separate the human species from any possible contact with the hierarchy of Nature. “Democracy” unites hypocritically and irresponsibly the people because of specific economic interests and isolates them when the meaning of the interest ceases to exist or when their initial expectations are not fulfilled. 

Exactly this phenomenon dominated our period in the Western world (which for several centuries has been representing the strongest creative force of humanity) and marches together witha criminal stupidity, which is undergoing a phase of complete development. The white race owed its predominance to its superiority and higher intelligence. Today, it is trying to maintain the myth of its dominance though biologic deterioration, a false mass of mediocrities, widespread neurasthenias, and the immorality of the individual. We believe that the changes created by today’s man to the natural and mental environment are much larger than his basic needs and unfortunately he follows the same mentality in the precious field of health science where are located the dangers of lunacy and of degeneration. In reality he threatens the background of the white race. The official laws often reject the administration of the death penalty, although we all know that blood deterioration, birth of deficient beings and creation of monsters are crimes worse than murder. The referrals to economic and technical interests which justify this type of “progress” could never be compared to the interest of our human purity, which gives rise to the physical, ethical and intellectual successes of the white man (who has reached the highest level of the ladder of human races) and from which are dependent his failures. This stratification of races, which should never be a cause for arrogance of the white man, constitutes in contrast a very heavy burden and a plethora of very serious responsibilities, which stem from the duties that are always imposed by superiority. No human change knows the way of addressing the products of deterioration, which demand intense and continuous struggles. Wherever riots and clashes with police are not the dominant actions, the dominant actions are homosexuality, deteriorated marriages, racial mixing, wild consumerism, pollution of the environment and continuous unrest of millions of unlucky people who are living enclosed into a death trap of immense dimensions. Exactly on that field takes place a continuous struggle, the end of which will signal the delivery or the death of our race. Despite the adverse circumstances, we keep having serious hopes. The Institute of Psychosomatic, Biological and Racial Science continues in the past five years the work of the great biologist Alexis Carrel. It contributes to the evolution and improvement of his findings, exerting an increasing influence on the Western world. Therefore, the Institute proposes the following measures to families and society for the protection and care of the human species.

I. The decision to create new life is accompanied by very serious responsibilities which unfortunately are above the means of comprehension of the men of our period. We need laws which prohibit marriage until the interested parties are taught, understood and wish with truthfulness the regular responsibilities that come with marriage.

II. Preventive eugenics should become mandatory through studying and practice of the conditions of living which facilitate pregnancy and delivery.

III. Premarital medical examination is far from constituting an attack against the freedoms of the individual. In contrast, it is an act of protection and of fairness for the individual and for society as it prevents marriages which would have catastrophic results.

IV. Individuals with hereditary burdens, such as lunatics, mentally deficient, schizophrenic, epileptics, carriers of mutated genes, incurable alcoholics, advanced drug addicts and others should be subjected to sterilization.

V. Natural selection, sterilization and euthanasia are correct if they combine serious legal bylaws, responsible medical examination and biologically ethical basis.

VI. The sexual problem is studied often under the prism of pathology and as a result most specialists are unable to separate the ethical and pathological elements. Sexual relationships should follow the instinctive reflexes of man. Healthy and creative expression of sexual instinct is necessary.

VII. The eugenic tendency to consider the maternal instinct as an instinct to avoid constitutes an insult to nature and a hallucination. Every woman who exerts this natural responsibility of hers should not suffer from an inferiority complex. In contrast the power of women in a healthy society has its source in the continuation and fostering of these noble instincts.

VIII. Young women should be taught, from the moment they start school, the dangers which they face from ceratin destructive influences such as the thoughtless desire for money, unhealthy nutrition, and poisoning of spirituality from the mass information means and the faithless advertising presentations, the drug industry, the vaccinations, the x-rays, the poisoned water, the sound pollution, etc.

IX. It is a crime to withdraw from the baby, for reasons of convenience, the milk of hist mother, because it is for both the best means to enter their physiologic state.

X. Birth control is not a problem of chemistry but an issue of biology and eugenics. Disturbances of genetic mechanism lead a woman to psychosomatic anomalies. Men should take the responsibility of conception. It should be mandatory that they are taught the consequences of conception.

XI. It is imperative that we purify the white race from the pollution of the contemporary pseudo-civilization and that we build a new society based on the laws of Psychosomatic Natural Health Science or Eubiotics. These measures should be advanced skillfully by the State. Biopolitics constitute arguably the cornerstone of the future.

Source: Golden Dawn

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